21 Laugh-Out-Loud White Elephant Gifts


One of my favorite parts about holiday parties are the crazy White Elephant gift exchanges. Here are some super creative and hilarious gifts that are so easy to make and will make everyone LOL with these 21 laugh out loud white elephant gifts.

1. Batteries…gift not included


2. Gift cards with random remaining balances (that you have hanging out in your purse).

I have one from 5 years ago that is still good with $2.53 on it. Someone's getting it this year!


3. Cold hard cash


4. An "iPad" (can also use a maxi pad with an eye drawn on it)


5. Hidden cash gift

The winner of this one thinks he got a real dud of a gift…until he opens it!


6. Tissue money

Similarly, the recipient will get a pleasant surprise when she reaches for that first tissue.


7. Zombie survival kit


8. Creepy doll limbs coat rack


9. Gift card hidden in old book


10. Crocheted shark slippers pattern


11. Dinosaur high heels


12. Crocheted beard hat


13. Hillbilly flashlight


14. Rainy day gift


15. Hands-free cell phone holder


16. Underpants chip bowl


17. An elf's diet


18. DIY boyfriend/girlfriend pillow


19. Underwear repair kit


20. Chill pills


21. Bra purse



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