Santa Cocoa Pack

If you thought the idea of sending your child a Letter from Santa was a great idea you will love this Hot Cocoa Mug Pack. When your child receives this package it will be a very memorable experience. The package comes addressed to the child from Santa with stamps on the outside that read "Official Package from Santa's Workshop". Each letter also comes with a FREE Video From Santa for your child to watch!

Inside the box the child will receive our official Santa Letter with burned edges and a wax seal, a ornament from Santa, a red velour bag filled with Magical Reindeer Food, a letter from Mrs. Claus explaining that she has sent Santa's favorite cookie recipe along with Santa's favorite hot chocolate. You will also receive Santa's favorite cookie recipe from the Kitchen of Mrs. Claus, a snowman cookie cutter the parents can use with the children to create the christmas cookies and last but not least Santa's Favorite Hot Cocoa Mug. The interaction your child will have with this Hot cocoa Mug Pack will make memories to last a lifetime!