Santa Evidence Kit

The Santa Evidence Kit is perfect for the child that need a little help believing in Santa Claus. This Santa Evidence Kit gives you all of the tools necessary to making sure the child continue to believe in Santa. This Santa Evidence Kit includes Santa's hat that he accidentally left, a Santa boot stencil with Magical Snow Powder so the child can see Santa's footprints around the tree (Magical Powder even feels like real snow), a Santa Cocoa Thank You note to be left out thanking the child for the cookies, one of Santa's big black buttons that must have fell off his coat, Santa's Sleigh License, Santa's Official Nice List Map, Santa's Glove that he must of taken off while eating those yummy Christmas cookies and instructions on how to place the items around the house.

Sold Out

The Santa Evidence Kit will be mailed directly to the Parents of the child. If you ordered a Santa Letter in addition to the Santa Evidence Kit they will be mailed separately.