The Official Santa Letter of the Sharks

Santa Package

A Santa package is fully loaded with all the goodies and treats that would definitely make the yuletide season more exciting for you and your loved ones. You can choose from specialty or ornament packs, all with their distinct features and items that will make your Christmas even better.

Personalized items are inclusive in the Santa package, depending on the pack that you choose. There are basic and deluxe packs from the North Pole that will surely give your little ones the best yuletide treats. Make sure that you get your Christmas goodies from the right suppliers to get the most out of it.

Sealed by Santa Delivers the Best Assortments of Santa Package
for an Exciting Christmas Celebration!

At Sealed by Santa, making your Christmas special and unique is the very goal and objective of our business. We have the finest Santa package with personalized letters, postcards, and other treats including reindeer food and accessories. You can always consult with our North Pole specialists for recommendation.

With our Sealed by Santa collection, Christmas is absolutely something to look forward to each and every year. You can learn more about our latest Santa package collections when you talk to our customer service representatives today for your concerns. Make sure you send us a message now for details!

Experience Christmas at its Finest with Personalized North Pole Packs!

Unique and fresh yuletide gift ideas are the most in demand today, simply because children are sick and tired of getting the same present year after year. Sealed by Santa gives you the best Christmas gifts with personalized features that your little ones would absolutely appreciate. Talk to us today!


Now Your Sealed By Santa Comes With Even More

Every letter comes with Reindeer Food, a Phone Call From Santa, a Top Secret Ornament With Santa Claus Video Message in all new DELUXE PACKAGING straight from the NORTH POLE!