The Official Santa Letter of the Sharks

Write Santa

Encourage your little ones to write Santa and see the beauty of keeping that innocent tradition alive in your children. The time-honored custom of writing jolly Old Nick is as old as time with remarkable benefits to give your little ones a cherished childhood that they will treasure all their life.

It is much better to write Santa today because there are more creative ways on how to keep the tradition burning and even more exciting. It is not enough that your little ones would write the popular Christmas icon because the big man is absolutely returning those letters with his response.

Sealed by Santa is the Answer to All those Efforts When your
Little Ones Write Santa this Yuletide Season!

At Sealed by Santa, your little ones can keep the tradition and write Santa while getting a response from the North Pole icon. We have the best assortment of letters from Santa that would give personalized Christmas gifts a run for their money. You can consult with our North Pole specialists for details.

With Sealed by Santa personalized items, it is absolutely okay if you write Santa a letter and put everything you wanted to say in your message. Personalized Santa letters are designed to specifically answer those letters and make your little ones extra special with their present. Send us a message today!

Personalize the Response that Your Kids Get from Santa!

Santa is always watching over your kids and you can affirm that with a personalized Santa letter that would make their Christmas unique and extra special. Find the best yuletide presents and make it more unique and refreshing, starting with personalized Santa postcards and letters for the yuletide countdown. Call us!


Now Your Sealed By Santa Comes With Even More

Every letter comes with Reindeer Food, a Phone Call From Santa, a Top Secret Ornament With Santa Claus Video Message in all new DELUXE PACKAGING straight from the NORTH POLE!